ApolloMD CareHub: Connected Care from Home to Home

Through the experience gained in treating over 3 million patients each year, ApolloMD’s team of experts has developed proven solutions to challenges faced everyday by our clients.  In order to support our partner hospitals and health systems in the evolving healthcare marketplace, we have developed a unique suite of services – the ApolloMD CareHub.

Consisting of numerous educational tools, proven processes, and technology platforms, the ApolloMD CareHub suite of solutions can be customized for each client in order to enhance efficiency, quality of care, and the patient experience.


With an established expertise in optimizing patient care, ApolloMD supports our clinical providers and hospital clients by providing educational resources to share the vast knowledge and experience we have attained. We understand that recruiting great physicians alone will not ensure excellence, so we work to provide valuable training and resources to ensure that our teams operate effectively.


Each hospital and department faces a unique set of challenges, but the underlying goals remain the same from facility to facility. Seeking to improve clinical quality, increase efficiency, and enhance the patient experience, the ApolloMD CareHub includes a toolkit of processes with demonstrated results.

When partnering with a hospital, our team will provide comprehensive assessments in order to pinpoint areas for improvement.   We believe in a collaborative approach to implementing optimized processes, including the local Medical Director and our Regional Operations team, who work closely with hospital administration, medical staff leaders, and nursing leadership.


The ApolloMD CareHub augments and expands the delivery of clinical and health-related services through innovative technology.  We support our clinicians, patients and clients by providing tools to facilitate communication between providers and patients.  Our HIPAA-secure platforms enable improved continuity of care and patient engagement.