A recent HealthLeaders Media survey asked hospital administrators to identify the most effective staffing and staff management techniques for increasing throughput and efficiency. The top response: better nurse workload balancing. It is no secret that nursing shortages and inefficiencies have a far-reaching impact across the hospital. In order to optimize this crucial relationship, ApolloMD developed the ApolloMD Institute for Nursing Excellence, an outreach program that optimizes the nursing relationship and fosters a team environment and culture of excellence throughout the department.

The program includes:

  • Team development with feedback and customer service coaching for the physician team
    • Patient satisfaction
    • Medical staff satisfaction
  • Evaluation of throughput processes from arrival to discharge or admission, pinpointing opportunities for improvement using LEAN methodology
  • On-site visits to provide feedback and coaching to the nursing team
    • ESI training sessions
    • Customer service training
  • Collaborative approach to ApolloMD startup process
    • Fosters a positive nursing/physician relationship from day one
    • Ensures a smooth transition for department as a whole

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